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Our Experience With

  • hi Everyone!

    A number of people have been curious about the email list. Here are some answers to popular questions you may have.

    1. What is it? is a group email service designed to connect people together through a common interface. Emails get posted as discussion topics you can read on the web by replying to a common address, usually groupname in this case It allows people to connect using community engagement tools to spread the word of ideas you have in common with each other.

    Last night I started a paid group on spirituality, hoping that people would find it useful. I connected it to Cosmic Nation, this site in the light of sharing useful information. Spirituality is one of three main topics we discuss here, the others being that of science and life on Earth. Due to its nature, people have been wondering what the purpose of the group was for. It was to bring to light spiritual beliefs and connect on common ground of what our purpose is in life, as a support network for people who need it.

    The owner of suspended the group and removed all members of the group today because of people abusing the platform. The group attracted too many negative comments about email and spam abuse which is why this site is built on the principles of fair communication, instead of trolls pretending to be spiritual people. This is the result of people seeking attention for destructive purposes which happens a lot on Earth for the people who do not see our vision. The mature response is to move on instead of causing drama from such affairs, so we have done so. I am sorry to regret the disappointment a lot of Online Earth services cause us, because the truth of the matter is there are beings on this planet who take pleasure in hurting other people if they cannot pass up an opportunity to refuse to leave the mind set of bitterness and self empowerment. One of the challenges we face in life is to hold our head high and accept other people for who they are. Beings who do not do this choose to hold back their soul, resulting in what we experience as set backs in communication, not a true separation from the ideals we hold dear. This is why we do not care to associate with people who only exist to cause mahem so our response to the group suspension is disappointing, but not entirely without loss. My appeals to reinstate the group have to date gone unanswered. But never give up hope!

    This site is about remembering we can be respectful towards each other by contributing to things we enjoy, or finding ways to do something else if we care to move on. We welcome your participation in all topics from spirituality to science and beyond. I hope you find it useful!