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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Kiedy działanie jest skoordynowane z potrzebą Duszy, doświadczasz życia optymalnie. Czuj siebie, myśl i działaj. Ostatnie lata intensywnej emanacji Światła przyniosły zaskakujące obrazy rzeczywistości. Nagle pojawili się ludzie, którzy...  more
    August 30, 2016

I'm Still Here

  • I haven't gone anywhere. I am doing alright for the most part in case you are wondering. I am online most of the day.

    I've been doing a bunch of reading and thinking recently. I find that some fiction every now and then helps to fuel creativity and visions to help in life at the present time be a bit better. I find both books and videos help to bring that side of me to life. This is why if I take a leave of absense from a normal routine it is usually because I'm either with family or doing something in the world to help me further along in life.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do in life yet as a regular job. I'm considering a few work positions to look in to further. One in space, one in computers and the other in believe it or not, the kitchen. I don't currently work but this might change soon. I ought to go to university to study to see what I enjoy doing. I am convinced what ever I find most useful, will be good for not just me, but for other people in such a position as well. I'm just unsure as to where I'd feel comfortable setting in to a job as a routine, instead of as something I thought was cool at the time, but that one day I've felt my life progress since then. It would be nice to belong to an organization that is diverse in nature regardless, so that I could branch off and do something different each day to keep my creative side alive. I hope you are well, I know for some people a job is a means to survive here, I just hope for something else while I mae the most of my time spent on Earth.