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Domain Update In Progress

  • The domain is temporarily being used for another project. Sorry to spring this on you so soon and unexpectedly, however if you would like to use the website as is for the time being, you have options!

    Load the website and sign in from any of the following domains.

    Each domain will load an instance of Cosmic Nation. You are not going to lose your profile page, personal content and or other posted data. The domain is currently being used to test a beta platform I am setting up as a possible inclusion in a brand new project launching for Cosmic Nation this month. The project does not exclude what we already have as it aims to strive to provide clarity, truth and entertainment to an existing and growing need for talk, action and common interests. It requires a separate server to host it however it is a project I am sure you may wish to participate in if you like to try and discover new ways to connect with people.

    This website is growing and I appreciate your interest in coming here to connect. There are no plans to cancel this website however do keep in mind that as our service grows, so does the server resources this website is hosted on. Due to the low budget nature of the server itself, there have been recent but temporary cases of server suspension due to server resource limitations being reached which you may have noticed. If you aren't aware of them, know this should not effect the performance of day to day activities as the web administration team, mainly myself and other members, are committed to restoring access to the server as such connection failures occur. as time can be a constraint for such problems if they happen unexpectedly, I advise an alternative strategy to keep us staying connected for the better. this is where the new platform comes in, not to replace this one, but to explore new ways of communication and in the mean time, improving server performance as they become available. Your connection to us is always valued and appreciated as an honor.

    What this means for you is that you have several ways to contact us if you wish to keep in touch. Use any of the domains listed here to say hello on a platform you already have a profile on and content posted to. Together we will ensure our service thrives no matter where it is located or what we host as a result of any relocation if it becomes necessary. Or, come explore with us in new and exciting ways what is possible which is in the making for now and beyond.

    I will keep you all updated as the progression of a new project unveiling continues and evolves. You are what makes it all possible!

    As always we are here for you in many ways. Do reach out if you have a problem or suggestion. You are awesome for a reason. Let it be known you exist to be the gift you bring as we help you inform your most empowered self what such a reason has in store for you.