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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Czuję wielką radość i spokój czytając ten tekst. Dziękuję <3
    June 3, 2018 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Venus Kin
    Venus Kin So Elshara, its been a couple years now; are u happier, more content-share whats been happening in your life since your re-location, if spirit moves you? Sure would like to join in your pursuit of happiness and well being. May love reign o'er you &...  more
  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart Well I moved house several times in fact. It's small but livable. I do have a much better internet connection and hardware equipment that will undoubtedly last me for several years. Corona has given me a chance to rebuild my life positively because of...  more
  • Venus Kin
    Venus Kin Oh, how I wish I could help with techie savvy! I can barely navigate this site, Elshara. Couldn't access on my cell so had to pull out the ole pc just to log on as the site kept telling me I was registering invalid email and password (but all other apps...  more
    Oct 19 - Report

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June 2018 Update

  • It's been far too long since I last posted an update to the community. So here's what's new with me.

    I'm probably going to be moving house, again to a new location. Rent in this part of the world is becoming very expensive, and I'm tired of paying and in deed, living practically from pay check to pay check just because my income is of a set (fixed) amount. I wish to devote more time to me doing what I love, instead of paying bills and sorting out food. Of course they're important, to keep the physical world maintained. But I'm finding that things which used to matter, still do, but subconsciously so. It's okay if you sleep when you're tired. eat when you're hungry. Routine's serve a purpose, only if you choose to make it a religion out of life. There's no shame in admitting who you are is important, to the point of choosing you over a schedule or even a payment plan of some sort. You matter most, and that's why I'm moving to focus on such an environment. It will also allow me to spend more time online like I once was able to do years ago.

    Something I've purposely placed focus on recently, is that if you live every moment in life with no regrets, you are fulfilling your dreams in reality. We are what we create, inwardly and outwardly. We are powerful, spiritual beings, with ideas given to us in our dreams for us to explore in life. By doing so, we establish a path way for creation to guide us in that which we experience as creators of our own destiny. there are times however, where in times of need, such destiny faces challenges brought about by circumstantial interference. Such interference is the reason why instantaneous manifestations of our desires have been delayed. From idea to experience, the cycle of life starts with you.

    Upon further contemplation, I've discovered something interesting regarding the online world. Specifically relating to how communities are changing in how we are interacting with one another as people existing in both the real and virtual worlds. We're experiencing a great amount of transitional loss, and new beginnings by force. Some people have felt as though such transitions have led them to feel more isolated than ever. While other people are feeling as though we must adapt to what comes afterwords for it to help us grow, to shape us further into alignment with an ever continuously expanding reality we find ourselves in collectively.

    It seems as though people who are on other networks or sites, are slowly coming to the realization they don't last for ever. That is because, in truth, not all in fact, do. I have witnessed a lot of "moving on" throughout the community at large. People trying to find their place in a world that appears quite harsh at times. Whether it be about money, censorship or other types of struggle, many people are being faced with change. Some good, and some bad, depending on how you see things.

    As a result of such changes, I wish to inform you that a few communities known to many have finally shut their doors. International Starseed Network, being one such site. Others being,, respectively. Other communities, and indeed, personal friends of mine, have also transitioned. Whether in death, or lack of interest, such have moved on. In the mean time, I've attempted to establish some allies within two other communities. and Both of whom, for a time, accepted my input in an effort to restore hope and healing to the greater spiritual scientific community. Not all however is lost. For there are several other groups available besides our own, who are popping up and reaching out. In other words, we're far from alone. Regardless, it would seem as though our alliance is strengthening with one vision or goal in mind. Be true to yourself no matter what. Love what you wish to achieve, and be there for all you desire is possible.

    I've dropped in on from time to time. I wish them the best there. It seems no updates have happened there in awhile as a movement although I know it's growing. Speaking of network growth, I'm in the process of upgrading our network here to a new set up. I'm impressed with what we're doing here together and wish to expand the network space. I am making the final touches to such a project which should if all goes well, result in you being able to directly communicate with other people further a field, who have transported communication and connectivity abilities to us through the medium of a united world in love, peace and harmony. I'll update this space via an email about such activities once they're complete. For now, know that I have plans to ensure we remain online and in focus for all that we are, desire and wish to be.