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Resolving Our Cosmic History

  • If you think we're somehow going backwards in social and natural values, you aren't alone. Recent events on this planet has prompted me to start looking into the resolution of the Orion war. Along with the planned great event taking place within our cosmic history including seeing Earth as a living library.

    Orion is a star system contained within the Milky Way Galaxy. Not much is known about the war which began in Orion. Truthfully, we do know what has happened due to the fallout of the Orion and Draconian empire. Personal accounts of events following our imperial galactic history point to the fact that not all who were leading the charge for star colonization projects, were willing participants.

    It all started one day when the brilliant, humorous and quite analytically minded scientists of Orion's lead world Rigel ended up failing at a planetary expansion project known as the star gate initiative. This project had three aims. the first, in place of colonizing a world, use the uninhabited planets as an expansion of Orion's civilization. Secondly, to build through active alignment, a network of groups who could coexist independently while the search for currently habitable planets not occupied by other star races could commence. The last objective, was to complete the project before Orion started trade deals with other star systems as their technology was something many people had sought after.

    The reason the mission never completed itself, is because there were two main faults with the execution of the plan. For starters, working with nuclear fusion technology to influence and enhance planetary core energy fields is very dangerous if you can't isolate the radioactive fallout from the atomic blast. energy from nuclear blasts must be contained into a target focus area, in order to make way for the atoms to reassemble themselves. While the target was accurately placed, the second reason why this project failed, is because the shields holding the nuclear reactor in place were removed after launch. Orion used Nuclear fusion in an attempt to expand their colony to under mind the normal teraforming process for life to exist physically to save time, money and budget accordingly. It didn't work, proving later on that you can't force your way through a situation which takes time to manifest, even if such time was temporally accelerated using two projects to complete at different time intervals, within the same space time coordinates. Terribly bad idea if you don't know what you're doing. As you'll discover, our entire history was forever changed that day during our prehistoric history before the Orion war.

    Keep in mind, that Orion was very well versed in tons of technology having done successful tests of this nature before. So it comes as no surprise however, when the same group of scientists considered something dangerous. In their effort to align and expand rigel into a bigger planetary system, one thing they didn't take into account is how to do so safely. The detonation of the nuclear fusion reactor went according to the launch schedule. Accept, for the fact, that the radiation of the blast targeted a sector of rigel's center for the exploration of temporal analysis. What we know of that sector at the time of impact, is that it was one of the sectors of operation which had an active vortex portal open at the time of launch. the radiation particles were contained in the shield, however while the portal was open to accept the expansion of space for the atoms to reassemble themselves, the shields were removed too soon from the blast zone to effectively prevent particles from entering into the time stream. This meant, that any surrounding system upon the path of Orion's very existence, had been contaminated with radioactive particles to a nuclear fusion blast zone, covering the radius of the entire existence of Rigel.

    Unbeknownst to the scientists at the time, they thought their project was a success. the radiation left the blast zone too quickly, for them to realize that a part of the section they were supposed to end up in, didn't end up becoming the case until much later upon Orion timeline. This alerted the temporal scientists to a possible future breach of security. Not knowing that anything was wrong, until after seeing reports of the blast zone, they made a former complaint to the government of Rigel to hault progress in the newly developing section of Rigel as it would become unstable. Once the particles settled there, they went back into time to alter the stability of the system, effectively blocking access to that area. this never became apparent to Orion's government nor the project leader on Rigel, until the particles failed to settle where they were targeted and supposed to do so. Thinking the project had disintegrated, they repeated the nuclear fusion experiment without the portal open to time. The Orions got their expansion as desired, when they were supposed to and where they were supposed to, however the original blast zone now running wild throughout the vortex was unknowingly causing chaos much later on in history.

    Quite some time past. Still long ago, but before the wars began, people started noticing an event known only to Orion as, "the Temporal Phase". Whole areas of Orion civilization would suddenly, be different. Targeting technology for temporal events slowly increased, but nobody was prepared for a radiation fallout. Atoms which were paradoxical in nature, nobody could see them. they were becoming apart of the populous, for anyone who visited that part of space. Centered around rigel, now the capital of technology in the known galaxy, Orion had become a place for everyone to mingle.

    The first sign of particle radiation from the blast zone long in Orion's past, was detected by Sirius B starship Enclave. The Sirian starship reported something, odd long ago before the events in Rigel became significantly noticeable to any local space travelers. The Orions had shared their technology for not just time travel, but space travel with a few key groups since their expansion of their solar system. the sirians, Pleiadians, Lyrans and Arcturians all had such technology. Out of everyone, the other races agreed that Orion and Sirius were to be the go to people for temporal technology. Of which, Orion had halted development of when their space empire grew. The star ship Enclave reported a strange phenomena to sirian high councilor Ashek. In the report, there was mention by an Android of unusual particles entering and leaving the Orion system. Strange weather phenomena was causing the inhabitants of Orion to alter their evolution span. age differences in the population, and within the original report, several flickering seconds of memory loss almost causing accidents with arriving and departing ships to the system. Keep in mind that while this was going on, nobody knew they were anywhere else but where they thought they were supposed to be. which is the reason why Orion scientists never discovered the cause until much later, when the first war was initiated.

    Due to the Orions never noticing the symptoms of their system getting increasingly worse, the Sirians launched a full scale investigation into the matter. this alarmed the Orions, because Ashek himself, had stated in a public broadcast to Orion in normal space that the trade negotiations of key imports and exports will need to be delayed for some time. What he didn't report, was that due to long term exposure, Orions directly descended from key points in evolution which wouldn't have taken place if the first reactor never reached time, or when the subsequent reactor never reached its target, started displaying strange behavior. the Sirians were noticing temporal phasing by Orion born citizens on their own ships going to and from the system, with strange occurrences of disappearances, reappearances and odd spacial phenomena only seen by non key Orion citizens. It was therefore decided that due to the sudden and unexplained cause for alarm, Sirians technically made the first move of war with Orion due to circumstance, not intent. Unfortunately for the Orions, they didn't know what hit them. First everything for hundreds of years and thousands of lifetimes of work put into the cosmic empire was going well. Now all of a sudden, the leading import and export nation for other races is going dark.

    As you could imagine, the Orions became alarmed when one by one, other races started following the sirians. The Sirian commander Ashek, demoted from the role of High Councilor due to the public outcry, privately was going to other races, not just with a story to tell, but with footage of the events happening in Rigel. this prompted a cry of mixed feelings from other races. The Pleiadians had a hard time leaving the Orions behind, as they were the ones most reliant on their technology. While the technology was still working, and all the products Orion made were relatively stable when not in the Rigel system, or near any Orion experiencing temporal phasing, such as the current development team, one of the things Sirius tried to negotiate with the Orion command, is relocating their base of development to a neutral planet away from the Rigel system. The Pleiadians were pleased by this, as were the Arcturians. The Lyrans having relied on the Sirians for guidance, had no direct relations with the Orions at this time, leaving them relatively safe. It would be at a much later date when things took a turn for the worse, with Orion and the cosmos.

    Sirian councilor Ashek, having been returned to his role after negotiating a temporary peace treaty with Orion, had claimed the following story to reinstate his council membership. "Sirians, and other races have been relying on Orion made technology and products for awhile. We apologize for the recent alarm and delay, as we have been discussing privately as some dependents of your technology negotiating a deal where we could learn how to build our own versions of the technology you currently exclusively offer now to everyone. We are sorry we had to suddenly leave unannounced, and can assure you will not attempt to cause such panic in the future. We are still noticing strange phenomena with some of the products we've recently been testing and are asking for your guidance and support to help us see where we went wrong in building our test versions of some of your key robots, star cruisers and advanced synthetic intelligence systems. Thank you for your understanding. sirian commander Ashek."

    The news calmed a lot of Orion citizens from the panic of no communication. However the investigation was far from over. At this time, the Sirians had a unified system. Sirius A was responsible for all government and officially sanctioned actions. Sirius B was a colony system and sister world, focusing on core development and neutral trade agreements between races, planets and worlds. sirius's biggest asset, was fair trade and a lot of key developmental research. sirians provided a lot of cutting edge technology, security and help to members of the races who were not skilled at developing such things directly. Because Sirians were so useful at making lesser races known for things they were very useful at. An example of this would be Pleiadians for managing local jobs such as farming, and Arcturians as medics, the word of a Sirian broadcast to all races even the Orions was a big deal. One thing Sirius B became especially known for, was the system where true life became informed, enlightened and established according to need, desire and fulfillment.

    At this time, all the races were peaceful. That was until the first major tragedy fell over Orion. A passing cruiseliner prepared to pick up supplies from Orion, who was controlled by a Pleiadian work crew, noticed that Rigel, couldn't be seen. the system itself, just vanished. That was until, the ship was circling the area where it should've been, only for Rigel to appear directly on top of them. The ship and its crew perished in the accident, which was how the Orion system became known for a time as "Imperial Hell" and no mistake about it.

    Several events followed afterwords. The Sirians were first on seen to clean up the mess. However their true involvement caused Orion to target the Sirians first in the war. they claimed at the time, the Sirians were lying about how skilled they really were with their technology. Due to the manner in which the Sirians recovered every square inch of the remains of the Pleiadian Cruiseliner ship. The Pleiadians didn't trust the Sirians following the Orion broadcast by lord Azoris because a lot of Pleiadians were convinced the Sirians deliberately covered up the event.

    by this time, the Orion system was experiencing daily temporal phasing for longer periods of time. Subsequently, during the broadcast, Azoris had been interrupted by a temporal shift causing the entire system of Rigel to be completely destroyed. Due to the presence of the cruiseliner of the Pleiadian ship being so close to the temporal zone, the spacial destruction of the ship when Rigel returned caused the next phase to occur to be that of the entire planet having suffered a nuclear fallout. This caught the attention of the Pleiadians, who thought the Sirians were trying to cover up what Azoris had said. It was only afterwords, that the broadcast finally came back online, after a Sirian commander Livak, informed everyone that they had no idea what was going on with the broadcast of the Orion imperial lord and were investigating matters.

    Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians alike avoided Rigel when video footage recovered from the Sirian investigation came to light behind the scenes of the control panel of both the missing Pleiadian cruiseliner and the broadcast which suddenly came back online a day after Rigel had aged a million years and back again. The people were outraged. The Orions didn't know any time had passed. and now all the races were avoiding the Orions. All Orions not living near Rigel, were asked to relocate to a colony world. This is how Mintaka was born. Those who were told to move, said that it was for their protection. The Mintakans were among the first orions to see the footage of rigel. Including the footage taken prior to the missing cruiseliner.

    Apparently, this was a huge mistake on the part of Sirius, because the next the universe knew, Mintaka launched a full scale attack on Rigel. They were outraged that their own empire failed to see the signs, and that the rest of the universe had no idea how to fix things. Massive attacks grew between the Orion colonies. The Orions on rigel thought the empire had split deliberately, however that was until they seen the footage directed from Mintaka at them, that they started to change their minds. however the damage was done. By the time Mintaka started accepting Rigel refugees, temporal phasing through the Orion system had reached Mintaka. This grew in to an all out war between the Orions who were still conscious of themselves, and those who started experiencing different timelines. due to the multiple systems infected by radio active fall out from the temporal phasing of a nuclear fusion reactor, conflicting timelines caused Orion to turn instantly into a warring nation. the only constant being an empire of control, domination and focus.

    As the Orions continued to lose control of their empire, a shift began to take hold elsewhere. The Sirians, fearing Orion would target other races, began recruiting strike teams in the event Orions made it out of their system and into the rest of the galaxy. this as it turned out, was only to be a matter of time before this was bound to happen. During the Orion rescue operations, in the early days of the attacks, Mintaka had asked Sirius for help. The Sirians initially granted it, but decided against it when they realized the Mintakans were using their refugee status to attack Rigel. The Sirians never wished for war. by honoring the pledge to the lesser races to protect the universe, instead of instigate a war, they decided to temporarily suspend Orions from entering the system. this didn't mean Sirians tried to stop the war themselves, however no official attempt was made to welcome Orion citizens into Sirius or the surrounding galaxy without war clearance. Often at times, virtual communication was limited to appearances of refugees pleading to be released. The Sirians were seen on several occasions, actually upset over the fact that they couldn't help or enter the fray without support, assistance and superior shielding from Orion radiation. Something they fully intended to develop as Orion in the past had shared such technology through their trade deal, another reason why Sirius was initially so disliked by the cosmos.

    All the temporal discord happening within Orion at the time, attracted an the attention of other races throughout the cosmos. One from Zeta Reticuli. One from Betelgeuse. And appearances from Andromeda, Spicca, Tao Seti, Alpha Centauri and Maldek. The official battle had begun.

    Over the course of the war, races exchanged attacks towards and coming from Orion and those who were forced to faction with them. Some Pleiadians did so. When the Orions first started a war with the rest of the cosmos, the first to be subjected to their rule was the Pleiadians. They were unhappy with the fact that even Vega, a low level planet of the Pleiades, and long standing ally of Orion, had failed to even help voluntarily. so the Orions thought, as needs must, the time for civilian pleasure world adventures is over. Amidst the takeover of some of the Pleiadian worlds, other races began to negotiate a treaty with the civilized cosmos at the time, which still included Lyra, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Zeta Reticuli. this wouldn't last long.

    Maldek, Alpha Centauri, Lyra and Zeta Reticuli were among the next systems to fall to the control of the Orion empire. forced to work for which ever dominant timeline was present when they could remember their mission. Find and destroy all resistance to the cause in order to stop the madness of their people. No other cause mattered. It was during this takeover that Sirius was finally hit with the combined forces of mostly unwilling participants and the Orion main battle fleet destroyer. They targeted Sirius B and punished what they believed was their world, by telling the Sirians living there, a stronghold at the time for war refugees, to join the cause or die. With the help of Zeta Reticuli, Orion moved Sirius B, the entire system in space to guard Orion. Forcing the world to become what's known today as Thuban, the Draconian empire. Orions forced the Sirians to forget their identity, and enforced Draconians with the energy which made the Orions go insane in an attempt to bring more people to their war. Problem was, these Draconians had built shielding long ago back when Thuban was Tallathia in, Sirius B. Their whole goal was to repel the Orions. Not realizing their mission had failed, the Orion empire assumed the Draconians would follow meekly. Meanwhile the Draconians were giving the appearance that they were complying, while forcing a fake coup to lead over the Orions, in an effort to keep their real plans of returning to Sirius B intact.

    The Zetas helped the Sirians forget they had a sister world. This infuriated the Arcturians. With the help of some Pleiadian Lyran and Maldekian refugees after the planet Maldek was destroyed in a battle unrelated to the Orion empire war, involving a skirmish with the Alpha Centaurians, Arcturus decided to create a living Library with the Pleiadians. This library was to be known as Terra, in an effort to save all knowledge of star races, including most importantly, the members themselves from the Orion war. With the help of Sirius B, now Draconian empire, The Draconians found out about this plan and decided to give the go ahead for the project to be created. Sirius A however, was kept in the dark about all this intentionally, as they were a target for the Orions should they make many more moves in the war. their system was otherwise preoccupied by attempting to save Lyra, Tau Ceti, Andromeda and the colony worlds from further corruption within the Orion system. The veil of Amnesia on Terra didn't come until later, after the temporal disaster was stopped by the Draconians of thuban.

    Many years passed while Terra was secretly saving most of the Cosmos from corruption. The planets vibration changed with everyone forgetting they were settlers from the stars. The veil of Amnesia was the Draconians idea to keep people in the dark, in case the Orions started questioning things. It was the Zeta Reticuli inhabitants who first discovered Terra. Ironically it was the moon, and destruction of Maldek that had them scouting for any survivors to add to their cause. by now, some of the races involved in the Orion war who were not orion, was heavily tainted with temporal phasing. Although their exposure was second hand, as they were not defending Rigel, it was significant enough to cause lasting impacts on the long term success of the Zetas, as well as some Pleiadians. at this point in history, many Orions were war like. they kept only half of their mind, which subsequently was the analytical part capable of becoming war strategists. Around this time, the secret Draconian leadership began to change with Orion. their primary objective, was to prevent temporal manipulation of anyone else. Those who fought on the battle lines, were now realizing something was very off. Included in the search to see where the rest of the cosmos vacated to, it was Sirius A who discovered a secret, deliberate transmission from their sister world entitled "Cosmic Plan, Project Ascension".

    When the Sirians left in the sirius system found out about the project, they were instantly on board with it. Rather than risk exposure to Draconia, they contact the Orion fleet directly with a proposal. "We have come up with a way to end the war for good. We know your position, and are willing to exceed to your demans." this was a front for the Sirians to gain entry into the plans, where further information about the living library could be discussed with the Draconian empire. With the help of the Orions, currently under temporal manipulation to obey the Draconians, the Sirians were escorted into the system with full shielding in place. They were taken to a meeting, where they discovered to their surprise, Thuban, Sirius B, alive and well, as the pinnacle of the Draconian empire. It was here they learned of the plan to restore the cosmos to its rightful place in time, along natural historical timelines based on spacial relativity. to say the Sirians wanted this was the understatement of the age. they were thrilled that all this was taking place. and as such, designed a plan to send their own settlers onto Terra, including those who were on Sirius A seeking refuge there.

    This is why so few Lyrans, and so many general star races exist on Terra today in what's known as, the age long reincarnation project. In an effort to restore the rest of the galaxy to its proper order, the Orions, Draconians and Sirians have since patched up temporal fallout by isolating and canceling out the point in history where the original blast was made. the only problem is, space was not effected by this change. Due to the fact that this would alter the history we as souls remember, the Sirians allowed the temporal premature nuclear fallout of prehistoric Orion to detonate into a black hole where Sirius B once stood. This black hole is actively monitored by the Arcturians and Pleiadians. It is said that the existence of the black hole shall be no more, when Thuban is returned to the Sirius B System, for in place of the planetoid controlling the event, shall exist the exact opposite timeline in which the detonation happened, but didn't. The temporal, but non spacial equivalent to a black hole, is a paradox, where by which the space around a temporal event remains changed, but yet unchanged, while the temporal event itself occurs away from the currently active time stream. IT would be protected by one of three likely options which shall be fully discussed when full disclosure happens, and we are all united in real time safe and sound away from the possibility of a future cosmic war.

    Meanwhile, one of the effects created through temporal phasing, is that some of us remain physical, while others are not. the existence of the living library helped keep the physical plane of space in tact away from total collapse. which means that any attempt to block this planet from existing, means that should one eventuality occur, where the temporal experiments of prehistoric Orion did not continue until after the full expansion of their system, this would result in a very different universe than the one we see today. As progression is inevitable, the second option is move on from the current point in time. the third being block full disclosure until the event itself can be aged and transmuted to a point where it's own relative time stream is sped up so much, that all we'd notice when its time stream entered local space, is dark matter dispersal. From which, we could nullify its effects on all of us, as we'd retain our current history, but no temporal manipulation would be sanctioned on the part of our cosmic history effecting the complete termination of prehistoric premature temporal phasing caused by Orion's nuclear fusion system expansion. There's also a possibility where Orion may not have expanded at all, which could result if in no trade agreements being made with other races, if the event never reached time. The most likely scenario is that futuristic temporal education delivered to the prehistoric Orion government at the time before the launch happened, should need to reach the project leadership team prior to launch. the only issue with this situation, is that it could be undone. whereas dark matter dispersal is more permanent and loses a temporal trace, providing a more perfect resolution to end the Orion war. Courtesy of Sirius B Research and the Draconian Empire. Of which I am apart of.

    What should we do? Lets decide together!