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You Are What You Choose

  • You are what you choose, if you remember what you have not chosen. As a reflection of the creation you are apart of, that can and will change its state over time.

    Name your price. As a soul unbound, what truly matters to you? Comfort? Freedom? Going with the flow? Becoming an identity you recognize when you see yourself in the mirror? Reflecting the person you are through the eyes of others?

    The things we do, all in the name of sacrifice and duty. They mean a lot, if we invest in the importance of what the outcome will look like no matter what challenges we face to make it happen. Some call it a fine line, working under the difference between dictatorship and federal order. Others call it punishment and justice, working under the guise of freedom of choice and responsibility of ones actions.

    Call it what you want, we have let ourselves be governed by the things we remember standing up for. It's only what we differ on, that has caused so much sacrifice to be known as we diversified over the years.

    It is through which this diversity that has led us to be governed by dictators, federal overlords and people going well above and beyond their station to enforce a law only they believe in. Sometimes, that belief is a direct order from someone above them, who used their original beliefs, and maybe sometimes even the acceptance of not wanting to believe anything different, which has led us to such a folly.

    For it is folly to recognize yourself, but then only want to recognize the things you allow to stand around you. And that in and of itself, is the whole purpose of redefining over time, the depth of both humanity and its declaration of dominance.

    Only now do we see the fork in the road. One path leads to further discord. the other leads to harmony. While we are divided on which path to take, we must remember who we are and what path we support and that can support us in turn. Are you free, or are you a believer in freedom without conflict?

    Time could tell us. but so two, could experience and history. for they are not strictly speaking, one and the same concept. However the concept that time, history and experience all relates to, is one with you and I at its core. We each of us in turn, created all 3 within our image. and it is this image that can be shaped anew, should it be needed to be regenerated like the skin of a snake, to help us come back to focusing on one core improvement if anything. Which is that of redefining the limits and definition of our power, should they have a need to be placed. The placement of such, being the life we create from the ashes of our dreams during this time of transition.