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I'm Still Here

  • Cosmic Nation is still here as well. As I've stated before and likely will do so again after today, rest assured, both Cosmic Nation and myself are here to stay.

    The month long delay in hiatus you've experienced is due to a lot of things happening personally in my life requiring time and dedication to sort itself out. I'm still in the process of doing so, however I've not forgotten about you, and wish to continue to be here and show my interest to still be present for times to come. I've done some website upgrades upon my return, cleaned up more fake profiles, keeping the real ones of course intact and still here, naturally, and sat down to think about what I truly wish to do now. Social Engine is releasing 4.8.9 version very soon which has been a promised major change for about 3 years. I'm looking forward to it when it happens because there will be much needed tweaks, infrastructure updates and code edits to make speed, post quality and the importance of modern day performance a priority. The platform could use an upgrade, however it is one of the few of its kind out there which remains functional over time without major issues impacting the usability of websites without too much hassle or effort gone into fixing maintenance issues. Apart from several front end and back end changes to how things like data and its structure is managed, social engine still seems to be the most buildable and least problematic script I've ever used. Boonex Dolphin was just too good to be true, as the front end was always updated, leaving the back end a decade behind in updates, which is the reason why the beta site does not exist anymore. I didn't feel like making an announcement about it simply because nobody ever used it, which is fortunate, as this place here is already set up. I've personally written to the now recently expanded social engine developer team to ensure some of the front end and back end features of modern day websites are regularly included in social engine prime, except for the excluded bugs of said modern design, showing examples of where to improve, and also where to lay off improvements for awhile. So far feedback has been filtered, but the suggestions are trickling in one step at a time. Lets make sure we continue suggesting improvements, as we are not stranded if the world passes us by, however feel free to add your feedback to me to send in if you notice a bug or a suggestion you would like to have presented to the developers and I'll make it happen. For the amount of money people spend on websites, it should be successful regardless of what you do with it. I'm thankful there is only at present a yearly expense required to keep Cosmic Nation up and running, with strict limits upon remaining so to ensure smooth operations of website functionality are going well. Keeping the lights on is important to everyone as a testimony to the hard work gone in to making everything from the domains, to the servers, the script, you, me and the rest of the world happy and connected on a regular basis. I'll still explore alternatives if one proves interesting, however keeping an eye on what you've already built a platform on, is just as equally important to all of us, and so as such it will stay this way. That is commitment.

    One area which you may find a little troubling, is the forums. I've got half a mind to remove the module, delete the database entries out of it, and reconnect it again. I don't wish to do so however because it gets used daily, which is about the most popular feature of the website next to the blogs, the photos, music and videos, the groups, the events, and the never used marketplace and polls area. Chat, actually being the feature which is used more often than the forums, which speaks a lot about what you are looking for in terms of what we have to offer as a community. You wish to be able to communicate above being able to post files, but have it be available to you in full screen and have the website be fast, reliable and active should you wish to come here and post something new. I've always been a fan of both forums and blogs, so I plan to focus most on keeping you happy where such are concerned. It is easier to post in the forums, however the structure of the forums does need a serious update when it comes to the deleted fake profiles which attempt to sign up daily, and their rather spammy posts found there. Some trickle through, and cause a bit of general discord when we're all sleeping or away from the website. Even the steps I've taken to ensure spam filters are in place seem to only delay the inevitable. I'm working on a solution to remove them in bulk, however in the mean time, you don't have to ask me if you wish to remove them, in fact I am asking you for help to do just that, I can give you admin status to do so if you wish to help out. I've got no problem with that, as it would help me out a lot. You'd have to go through every post and its replies, however it would be worth it, as the pain steakingly slow process of removing one post at a time, is always better if multiple people are doing it. Having said that, I am in constant contact with the developer team of social engine to make improvements to the issue of not only deleted member content, but also left member content, as currently, social engine neither can tell the difference between who has left, who is deleted and who has been suspended. This is due to the fact there is no classic banning or suspension feature present in the script, which is something of a bit of a bottleneck when it comes to administration. On one hand, a team player of four hands, it means you have the advantage of putting to rest the idea of worst case scenario unless you absolutely have to. On another, if you need to use the feature, in cases where you either wish to delete, suspend or manage left members content, you simply don't have the functionality to do so specific to each individual circumstance. On another, rests the best and worse case scenario after the event occurs, leaving the wake of several good and bad impacts to deal with either way. On the fourth hand, you have a choice to make, respond to what has happened, or make happen what you then must respond to if necessary. All such options require an updated infrastructure to make possible, which is just one of many reasons, why I'm looking into the possibility of bulk based solutions for such problems, if I'm to stay with a platform which was never thought of as a content management system until now. A social network, is not all that well groomed, unless you have some way of organizing its content to become a well kept community. I'm in the process of making bulk activities possible so the integration of social web with classic posting can unite to become a modern standard where everybody benefits. It's important to keep ones relations, separate from ones interest where ever possible, unless you specifically express an interest in making both come together in a way you have complete control of, just like you can do in real life. A social group, can't exist without them.

    Enough rambling from me. This is not a very well thought out post, but more a glance at what my thoughts are on a general basis. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Until then, let our now be prosperous in love and making our dreams come true. I'm happy to report I know of a few personal case scenarios where I've helped people not only come together, but even get married both on the website and in Skype, where I've focused myself to spend some time there. I enjoy being able to energize the importance of life in situations where I am able to influence the meaning of harmony, and being able to serve in such a way as to guide people to what they know they want, but feel unable to get there, to give where others take, and to take where others give in equal stride. As I have said, you matter to me, a happy, prosperous, full of life person who if you wish to find or explore your surroundings, I'm always here to be helpful as are you all, which makes running websites and other groups, even email lists, such a joy to keep around. Until we meet again, may peace and the abundance of a full life be your constant companion as one of many blessings to come your way.