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Seasons Change

  • What does the changing of the seasons mean to me? I've created a short poem that helps me remember the time of year I find best for growth and consideration for change to happen in my life.

    1. Winter. The quiet time for sollace and solitude. This is the time of year where I consider what I have, and what I use most. I rely on myself a lot during this period to reflect on who I am and where I'm going. What I do remains routine based as I my entire focus is spent doing things motivated by inspiration and thought.

    2. Spring. A time for cleaning and planning. This period in my life is spent applying change and creativity to concepts I have mastered. It also involves making routines less of a priority and more of a side project. My main focus is working towards minimizing clutter and maximizing freedom.

    3. Summer. A time for warmth and love. If mating season had a purpose, now is the time to actively search for someone to share my life with. Going places, being happy with myself and exploring the worldin its sovereign diversity. I take pleasure and care during this period to make life full of meaning, to where my whole focus is about being in the moment and living in the now.

    4. Autumn. A time for settlement and admiration. This is where my entire focus takes a shift from warmth and appreciation to observation and understanding. Fall is a place where I find me in the world and bring everything I have learned in to practice. My goal is to make sense out of meaning, planning and meditation so that the cycle can repeat itself.

    I find it important to relate to the seasons of change because I feel connected with the environment and with nature. I explore many environments, and where culture is most vibrant, change thrives here.