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Truth vs spirituality


    I would like to start with the simplest form of truth. Why a person has a child. Why? Ask yourself. Was your child planned. Were you ready to teach and take care of one? Do people understanding the responsibility to having a child? I know most parents have no clue to the word protection. Not from the rain  or weather either. Do they have any way of teaching them about a real God? Can they tell them what things are really good or bad? 

       Then when it comes to angels, demons and spirits, how much does one really know? Nothing. Why is that? Then add in aliens, how many people even believe in them?

      Sadly we have so many people saying they are working with higher angels and aliens, really? To do what? Make the world better? If people don't look for the truth they will never see what is really happening. The world is in the worst space it has ever been in, not the best. So what has to happen to make people wake up to the false stories and lies. Looking for a alien to come down and clean the planet. Looking for a angel to grant you your wish, or talking to the dead like they have something important to say.   Man has lost their way a l;long time ago to the most dangerous word of all . (SEX). It has never changed in 200,000 years and people don't ever ask why. 

      I am now ready to give people a little truth if they are ready to hear it.   Tommy Hawksblood