Richard Lewis is a veteran esports journalist and tournament ho

  • During an episode of By The Numbers released on the 4th of October, Csgo skins for sale Rich Lewis and Duncan ‘Thorin’ Sheilds discussed the current issues in the Natus Vincere lineup.
    By The Numbers is a crowdfunded podcast hosted by the veteran duo, discussing the latest news and highlights from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional scene.
    known for uncovering the North American match fixing scandal and for hosting the 2017 E LEAGUE Major. His Co-Host, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields is an esports journalist and analyst often referred to as an ‘esports historian’, he uses his extensive knowledge of teams and players to aid his analysis.
    In the 6th episode of their shared podcast, the actual duo discussed the particular controversial tweet Na’Vi’s star player Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev posted and its potential meaning.
    After Na’Vi were eliminated from the IEM Oakland qualifier, s1mple posted to their Twitter account typically the short but devastating words ‘I’m done’, leaving many to question if he will be looking to leave the team.
    In August, many teams brought in new players, for Na’Vi this saw their AWP player Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovács keep the roster. The side brought back their old in-game leader Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko.
    Zeus’ style of regimented as well as formulated tactics had seen Gambit rise to prominence and many saw his return as a positive sign for the Na’Vi team. However , two months after the player break, little progress seems to have been made as the selection continues to struggle against teams in the top 20.
    When discussing the team, Richard Lewis stated that it was done, and it would require wholesale changes to fix it.
    ”This is now ‘kennyS in Titan’. It is beyond a joke. Na’Vi finishing 5-8th, losing in order to LDLC 2-1, even when they gave up a map, I thought they would be alright, it’ll be alright. But then it just wasn’t all fucking right at almost all. ”
    ”No-one (on Na’Vi) except Zeus had an ADR over 70. S1mple, meanwhile, 90 ADR, 82 kills, this is no way for a star player to live. ”
    ”I remember when Zeus came back from fucking Gambit. I must have been huffing some sort of ether rag or something, because I believed it for a bit. I believed it for two weeks! I thought ‘Yeah! Zeus is gonna fix everything! ’. ”
    ”Seized is just shit now. Flamie hasn’t done anything spectacular, probably all fucking year. Edward is past his banging prime. Let’s be real, if Edward was a fucking car, you’d be trading it in right about now. ”
    ”Na’Vi had often the window to be one of the great teams within CS: GO history, and it’s screwing been kicked inside, and boarded up. It’s fucked, they’re done now. It needs wholesale changes. ”
    The duo then ddiscussed s1mple’s place in the team and what they think he must be feeling as he has to be able to continually carry them in each game they play. Rich Lewis stated that if he were s1mple, he would be looking for an escape route.
    ”If I’m him, I’m think right now, how the fuck do I get out. It doesn’t matter if I have to spend six months a year in America and miss my family. ”
    ”I think he’s there for the taking. When he says ‘I’m done’, I think he is genuinely sick, and why wouldn’t you become. ”
    ”It’s not just that he is carrying games. We all know how Na’Vi were, he is putting up with the barking, Zeus shouting at everyone, telling everyone what to fucking do, the exact misery, flamie just about all silent, shutting down because he is being told he isn’t playing well enough, seized never reacts to anything. ”
    ”He’s just there, this celebrity player, trying to put a team on his back, again, and also again, and again. ”
    To conclude the very segment, he mentioned that if s1mple is looking to move, then a number of organizations would happily pay big money for him. Buy CSGO Skins Richard Lewis even personally offered to put s1mple in contact with people if he needed help.
    ”I think he’s generally there for the taking. I think an organization could swoop in now, pay big money. Na’Vi need to completely rebuild anyway. ”
    ”S1mple, as I said, if he is done, fucking hell, pick up the phone. I’ll connect you. The world is your fucking oyster. You are one of the best players in the world, you can go anywhere. You don’t need to go down with this Titanic at all. ”