Five Game Thriller Decides EPICENTER 2017 Grand Final - Final P

  • EPICENTER 2017 came to a close on the 29th CSGO AWP Skins of October with an incredible grand final between SK Gaming and Virtus Pro.

    The $500, 000 tournament began on the 24th of October and hosted eight teams in St Petersburg, Russia. The line up saw SK Gaming, Virtus. pro, G2 Esports, Astralis, FaZe, North, Liquid, and Gambit all compete.

    The championship witnessed a host of upsets as Offrande, the winners of the last Major, were the first to be eliminated, and Virtus. pro, a Polish team that had been suffering from a string of underperformances as well as disappointed results, defeated the worlds number one team, FaZe, and then went on to knock out the French ‘superteam’ of G2.

    The actual tournament began with a GSL format group stage where all matches were the best-of-three, a set up that many fans had been asking for after previous events saw upsets due to surprise tactics in best-of-one games. The best-of-three format not only assured that upsets were less likely to happen, and no team could just get lucky, all would be properly tested, it also provided many extra hours of enjoyable Counter-Strike for viewers to watch, a win-win for all.

    The grand final saw SK face Virtus. pro in a best-of-five series. The particular incredible final noticed the series go down to the wire with all five maps used, with two going into overtime. CSGO M4A4 Skins The last map was Cobblestone, and after two overtimes, SK Gaming finally was able to close out the match with a 22-18 score. The Brazilian group won the final with three maps to VP’s two and also claimed the enormous $250, 000 first place prize.

    The tournament observed the highest ranked crew in the world, FaZe Clan, struggle for the first time since gaining the title. In the group stage, they met the previous number ones of SK, and were conquered 2-1. They then were eliminated by Virtus. pro with another 2-1 score. The event has proven the team still has a way to go before they can solidify their spot on top.