Coldzera Explains Why Boltz is the Perfect Fit for SK Gaming

  • In an interview during SK Gaming’s campaign at EPICENTER, Csgo skins for sale  Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David revealed why Immortals player Ricardo ‘boltz’ Prass is the perfect fit for the SK team.

    EPICENTER was a $500, 000 tournament hosted in St Petersburg, Russia, where SK Gaming claimed victory after an incredible five map grand final against Virtus. pro.

    The victory was in part thanks to the stunning performance of coldzera, but also due to the performances of his teammates boltz, and Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga.

    Boltz is a stand-in for the Brazilian group, replacing João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos after he decided to leave the team due to him not enjoying having to continually play out of their comfort zone.

    On the 16th of October, in-game leader for SK, Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toldeo revealed that felps had left the line up after he began to lose motivation.

    The position he was playing in the crew meant he could not really play the style having been used to, and he experienced lost a lot of the enjoyment he got from the game, ultimately leading to his decision to leave. It was then reported that Immortals member, boltz, would step in to fill his shoes at EPICENTER and for the actual foreseeable future. Many have speculated that the staff has already made plans to bring boltz into the roster on a permanent basis.

    As SK Gaming continued to battle through the tournament, coldzera spoke to esports news website HLTV and discussed his or her new teammate, recognizing the differences between boltz and felps.

    The Brazilian star gamer stated that with felps, the system SK had put into place was broken, as they had no passive players to support as well as compliment him and also fer. He said with boltz playing a more passive role, the old, successful system is back in action and is working well again.

    ”In the beginning, when felps joined our team, Cheap CSGO Skins I had doubts because our team was going to be too aggressive. We have fer who plays really aggressive every time and when we brought felps, we lost a little bit of our unaggressive parts and that’s not in the system. ”

    ”We have a system that works really well, so when boltz joined, we have this system once again that is step-by-step and gives more freedom for fer and especially for me. When felps joined up with, I stopped doing a lot of good things I

    used to like to do so that he could try it. But he didn’t play inside the system, a lot of the time it was random. He tried to do it, but it was arbitrary. ”

    ”I don’t think it was working really well, so when boltz joined now, this individual does the passive part of the system and I do the aggressive part but step-by-step. I can control the team more, for example on Mirage I can control everything. ”

    ”When we want to perform aggressive, we have a good setup for fer. And if we want to enjoy passive, we have a great setup for me, so it’s really good. ”

    The set up was seen in full swing in EPICENTER’s grand final as SK battled Virtus. professional eventually claiming triumph 3-2 after a close overtime finale.

    If boltz will allow coldzera and fer to play a more free style, and bring back the particular successful formula that saw the after that Luminosity team rise through the ranks, SK Gaming could soon fight back to contend for the world number one spot and become the dominant force in professional CS: GO once again.