Execution from the players

  • Independently created by the player can pick from echelon gamers career mode. Gamers and coaches are two completely different workers, coach mainly is in charge of the management, as well as players will need to be responsible for execution. Execution from the players will need to total certain indicators, the indicators can be done through the in the game. Players signals including averaging scoring (8. 4 points for the optimal), difficulties (a passing problem, assists and goals), the number of goals, the passing rate associated with (89% pass with regard to optimal), etc . Kinds of these indicators, the superb score is also differ from person to person, if much more is the team co-operation is midfielder attack (pass, participation, defensive participation), an offensive player's goal (the attack),

    defensive gamer is intercept (defense, position), the goalkeeper is blocking the goal. As long as the player basically on signals are obtained the superb result, then show that players within the team, has been one of the most important and can become move to dream team. Score increase can perform the following events: brief, long success, intercept, a timely, accurate positioning, leaving less jobs, an empty net, corner accurate transmitting to a teammate, throw-in successful transmission to some teammate, shot within the box, team offensive strength, team defensive strength, buy fifa 18 coins or the final finish half. The actual Surprise activity is prearranged. The little fan could not believe that the man posing in front of him was his ideal. C Lo then gave the small soccer fan a soccer of an autograph. This particular small active procedure lasted less than one minute. The whole process was captured by the vocalist Juan Peña after which released to the system. The video was fixed "Gosh (OMG)". Knowing from the video, C Lo first posed as passer-by to with the small fan, and then he eliminated the disguise. With the gradual increase associated with passers-by, C Lo hugged and shook hand the small fan.

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