Celtic just away win over the Hawks

  • Celtic just away win over the Hawks, Horford hit quasi-three pairs of data, Owen also play efficient performance, and to help the Celtics win the victory in the decisive moment, ho winning nine straight record while continuing to disdain for the league. The team's record has come to NBA Live Mobile Coins 9 wins and 2 losses, while leading the second piston 1.5 wins. Team star Hayward has been training in an ankle injury, has recently returned to the basketball hall for training, has been sitting in a wheelchair for some shooting practice.

    Deng previously signed a $ 72 million contract for four years, but for the Lakers now in their reconstruction, Deng has absolutely no chance to play, plus his massive contract is already very unfit for the Lakers. Since the opener this season, Deng has not played before, the Lakers have also tried to trade the veteran, but the difficulty of trading can be imagined. As a 32-year-old player with an average annual salary of $ 18 million in three upcoming seasons, few teams are willing to accept his contractual baggage.

    So the best way for the Lakers to get around this payroll is to make a buyout and to solve the problem, Deng can also choose his preferred team.A player pursuing a high salary is understandable, but for Deng veterans, if the franchise's team does not have the ability to win the title, then his basketball career seems to lack significance. Which team in the league needs a defensive forward? Obviously, the rocket has this need in the body.