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    He says he knows he will.Next time he goes to see a superhero film with little Nathan, he says, going to be a good one. Of people from the Parkhill community and beyond come out to the neighbourhood community hall Thursday night and dozens speak to share their hope, to add it to a family so desperately clinging to theirs.means the world to us, Jennifer says.is what helping get us through as a family.is what keeping us strong.Article continues below our live, continuing coverage of this story.Kathryn brother Randy Prevost never thought anything like this could happen to his family.He seen it happen elsewhere. He seen it in the news and he seen it in movies.But having it happen to him, he says, that has been like an out of body experience.Now, watching the news and seeing his own family up there on the screen he has to walk away sometimes, he says, but then he always has to come back.He needs to know what happened.But he also holding out hope that whatever happened, it comes to a happy resolution.won give up for a moment, he says.just hope that they all well, and hopefully taken care of to some kind of comparable situation.hope (whoever responsible) has a heart.

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