And thanks to GO's updated lighting engine, degree geometry is

  • The actual fun part
    Contending with Hammer is tough, however seeing your work come alive is a thrill. And thanks to GO's updated lighting engine, degree geometry is lit so beautifully and naturalistically.
    Here you can observe the way geometry, lighting, and texturing come together over time compared with our real-world reference.
    Above: Pathway to Crown's bombsite B and a reference photo from Spain. Below: Crown's Terrorist spawn and a Spain reference photo.
    Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay
    Within summation, Crown went through a number of distinct creative processes. First, imaginary geometry was moved from Volcano's brain, to paper, to the editor. Next, we refined our fundamental grey box map into something which reflected not just our initial visions of Crown, but also a practical map-because you always notice reasons for having a grey box you hadn't considered before really making it. Thirdly, we examined this grey box. Fourthly, we tried to meld our grey box right into a plausible approximation of Spain by using default assets or by creating what was needed. Finally, we tested as well as refined some more.
    Then there were a map. Then there were Crown-the real, playable degree.Cheap CSGO Skins You can download it within the Steam Workshop and play it now, and you can read about the inspiration for Crown's design in part one of Building Crown.
    In the final article of this series, we will discover professional play testing, and the iterative process that happens when Volcano and I walk about our map. We will analyze our approach to playtests, the actual expectations we have, and how we talk through changes to the map. Our goal would be to give you insight into each step of the process of the creative process of making a Counter-Strike map.