Cloud9’s Stewie2K Thinks New CS: GO Major Format “devalues the

  • Cloud9’s Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip has shared his thoughts on Valve’s recently announced changes to the CS: GO Majors.
    Exposed on December 13th, the significant changes have rolled the Major Qualifier and the Main itself into one big event, damaged into three stages.
    undeniable fact that more teams will receive stickers, but the Cloud9 gamer comes at the issue from the slightly different angle.
    Main Qualifiers have often been ridiculously stacked, with just eight teams getting the chance to advance to the Major by itself and join the 8 legends from the previous 1.
    Now that the Major Qualifier has been rolled into the Major by itself, Stewie feels like some of the prestige and feeling of achievement has been taken away.
    The 19 year old certainly has a point. Getting to the “New Challengers” stage through the various Minor Championships is now enough in order to earn a spot in the Main and get you player as well as team sticker in the game.
    With the possible exception of the Western Minor, it is hard to claim a case for the other Minors being prestigious enough in order to earn in-game items, or claim that you have earned an area in the Major.
    Some commentators and community members have expressed a desire to get a Global Minor Championship for future Majors, where groups from every region will certainly compete CSGO Skins on a fair actively playing field for one of the coveted New Challengers spots.