The Canadian team is currently ranked 70th in the world by HLTV

  • Immortals Boltz Roasts Subroza After Missing Out on the ELEAGUE Major
    After Immortals were removed from the North American Minor qualifier, Ricardo ‘Boltz’ Prass took to Twitter to ‘congratulate’ his opponent.
    Immortals are a Brazilian team who are at the time of writing, ranked 56th in the world.
    Their ranking is a reflection of the turmoil their team has been in since September when the roster imploded and three members were removed from the actual active line up. The players leaving behind cost Immortals their legend status, meaning they are no more reserved a spot and had been required to qualify.
    The team has rebuilt itself about Boltz and in-game innovator Lucas ‘steel’ Lopes, but have had little time to prepare for your online tournament and had been eliminated by the team referred to as FRENCH CANADIANS.
    The Canadian team is currently ranked 70th in the world by HLTV and it has now qualified for the Small and will be competing for a opportunity to get to the main qualifier for your ELEAGUE Major.
    FRENCH CANADIANS team member Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik has been the subject of numerous discussions surrounding potential infidelity. After clips emerged associated with him practicing and playing in what some called a suspicious manner, this triggered some members of the community to have come to the conclusion this individual uses some form of assistance in game.
    It appears Boltz understands those accusations as right after his defeat, he published on Twitter a message congratulating Subroza but questioning the reason why Cheap CSGO Skins he never makes those plays at LAN events.