The actual map selection saw Luminosity choose Mirage

  • The sunshine Has Gone Out For Luminosity at DreamHack
    Luminosity Gaming was eliminated by Heroic 2-0 in their Group The elimination match at the DreamHack Astro Open on Weekend.
    On Friday, Luminosity lost to HellRaisers in that greatest of one while Heroic as well as Gambit waged battle, going into overtime, which saw Gambit come out on top 25-23.
    The actual map selection saw Luminosity choose Mirage while Nuke was the Heroic selection.
    Luminosity started out hot on the Terrorist side winning the very first three rounds. Up 3-0 and seemingly in control, Heroic rushed out in the very first rifle round and then continued to win six much more rounds after that now successful 7-3.
    Round 11 would see a nice triple-kill by Luminosity’s Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves’s and a round win. The actual momemtum would last for just one more round as Luminsoty would Round 12 now down 7-5.
    Heroic would win the next three units for a 10-5 lead at the switch.
    Luminosity reset as well as played astonishing well getting the next four rounds. However , Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså’s would put a stop to the carnage by picking up a triple-kill in with the score now 11-9.
    Heroic would continue to win the first map 15-10.
    On Nuke, Heroic started on the Counter-Terrorist side and dominated the first 11 rounds. It was a back and forth affair from there as Heroic would win the half 13-2 and then the match 16-5.
    Luminosity leaves the actual tournament finishing 7th/8th as well as $2, 000 in prize money while Heroic will go on to play HellRaisers in Buy Cheap CSGO Skins the elimination match later today.