CLG had a rough start to the actual StarLadder i-League StarSer

  • Counter Logic Gaming Luxury cruise Past Powerless 5Power At StarSeries S3 CS: GO Finals
    Counter Logic Video gaming collected a persuading win against 5POWER in their second match of StarSeries S3 Finals.
    After drawing Astralis, the general opinion number one team in the world, as their first match-up of the tournament, CLG had a rough start to the actual StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals. 5Power, meanwhile, who were a surprise qualifier, lost to Na’Vi in their own day one match.
    Unfortunately for the Chinese squad, their second day was even less effective than their first. Facing off on Cobblestone, it was CLG that had the start, jumping in order to a sizeable lead early on and never relinquishing it. 5Power never truly looked in contention, while the North American part maintained control all through.
    When the dust settled, CLG walked aside with a convincing 16-3 victory, putting them back level at 1-1 and with a little more room to breathe for the third day. 5Power, meanwhile, proceed to 0-2, with just a single life remaining in the Swiss system. If their performance up to now is anything to pass,Buy CSGO Skins it looks very much like the team could be heading for an early exit from the tournament.