Plus 7 points brother to add bragging capital

  • NBA regular season continues, in which the Los Angeles Lakers lost 114-116 home LOLGA extra time Golden State Warriors. Bauer contributed 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, scoring the first consecutive season three games, leaving "ball father" excited that his son in the two minutes extra time contributed 7 points.
    For the last two races, Powell has scored more than 10 points in two consecutive games, the second time of the season. Data show that "ball" is going through the second season of personal good times, not to mention the game is Kobe Bryant jersey retired great moment, "ball" anyway should be erupted.
    After opening, Ball hit a three-pointers, which seems to be the beginning of the outbreak, but unfortunately after the game, "Ball" has proved - this is the beginning of the horns.
    Halftime, Powell 4 vote 2, only got 7 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds. The reason why the general performance, mainly "ball brother" foul too much. Bauer played only 14 minutes in two sessions, but he appeared three fouls, his foul too much also led directly to the Lakers halftime before the offensive turmoil.
    After the midfielder Kobe Bryant jersey retirement ceremony, Ball control of his foul count, but he is almost zero contribution on the offensive end, not only not accounted for assists, and even the warfare score is only 1 shot. Even though Ingram once ended treatment for injuries, but even so, "ball" is still difficult to score.
    Throughout the second half, Powell only 2 points, and only two assists, but fortunately the Lakers playful scraping to help the Lakers will always control the points difference of about 5 minutes, and eventually into extra time.
    Extra-time, Powell, who had been offensive for the previous three quarters, suddenly started to become the main attack point. He hit the first three points, after the breakthrough emergency stop jumper, while the remaining 63 seconds left from the end of the game, "ball" dribble a breakthrough layup.
    In only two minutes, Powell contributed 7 points, and three scores using three completely different score. Most importantly, Bauer's 7 points to help the Lakers go-ahead score.
    Unfortunately, Bauer's instantaneous outbreak failed to help the Lakers win, but "ball" scored in double figures for three consecutive games, but this is the first time the season.