D Antoni admits Ariza playing time is too long

  • In today's game, the Rockets lost to LOLGA the Clippers 118-128. After the match, Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni accepted the media interview.

    "The spirit and atmosphere of our game is not right," said D'Antoni, "I felt it at halftime and I told the players 'we got in trouble.' That's what's wrong, and what happened to you? Got it.

    "We messed up the game and for a while everyone was tired and we need to wait for the casualties to return." This game is an episode, the past two episodes are episode, we just did not play good enough, no good The spirit of God, the players look a bit dead.

    "Trevor Ariza has played more than 40 minutes in four consecutive games, which is too long and it takes too long."

    The game, Ariza played 43 minutes, 12 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists.