When the Christmas wars encounter injuries

  • The NBA has a tradition of NBA Live Coins launching heavyweight games on Christmas Eve. Today, with the development of television and webcasting, the Christmas war has gradually evolved into a tradition, especially the battle of several heavyweight teams. But even the Christmas wars, and sometimes also escape the invasion of injuries. In addition to this year's Christmas war was disrupted by injuries, the history of the Union also had an example of injuries caused by the Christmas season.
    Far from that, the 2013 Christmas wars suffered a ferocious traumatic surge. The 2013 Christmas wars arranged for the Nets against the Bulls; the Knicks against the Thunder; the Lakers against the Heat; the Spurs against the Rockets; and the Warriors against the Clippers for five heavyweights, almost all the league superstars will appear in the Christmas war . Unfortunately, a wave of violent injuries, the first three games lost aspect.
    In the summer of 2013, the Nets formed the deluxe starting lineups for Delon, Joe Johnson, Pierce, Garnett and Grand Lopez, as well as Kidd, who has just retired. At that time the Nets, once described as "Galacticos." And the 2013-14 season, exactly the first major injury to Rose after the official return, when the Bulls also retains Lol - Deng, Noah and other original people, Rose The return of the Bulls will immediately return ranks of strong teams.