The bulls dunn found in perimeter feel is continuous

  • In the third quarter, the bulls dunn found NBA Live Coins in perimeter feel is continuous casting accuracy, and marka ning and robin lopez also help the bulls on the inside.The knicks, nita, lee opening stage test scored five points, and then he also cut to the basket dunk, with only half a day just scored 7 points, and Bohr burgess, tianjin also not to be outdone, he again after the basket hit mid-range shots scoring twice in a row, the knicks remain five points ahead.But then dunn, drawing and others have scored, and help the bulls will lead down to two points.

    The opening of the fourth, both sides are changed into the rotation, the knicks Mr Quinn scored twice in the basket, the bulls depend on portis stormed around the basket score, the two sides are still in a stalemate after 3 minutes to start.With 6 minutes and 57 seconds at the end of the Boer ferry gith pulling up the cic hit, will be extended to 3 points, the bulls were forced to call a time-out.Suspended after come back, marka ning Boer ferry under cover, and then dunn also failed to convert 3 points or McDermott one-stop foul.Critical moment, valentine 3 points hits the bulls back, then the nuba dunn repeatedly hit, and help the bulls come back at the last stage, the last moment, she missed a key 3 points, the bulls won the match victory.