Smatter talk about offensive foul

  • Celtics in the 99-98 home defeat rocket LOLGA game today, the Celtics guard Marcus - Smart at the last minute of the Rockets continuous manufacturing rocket player James - Harden 2 offensive foul, the Celtics in the end Lost up to 26 points in the case of defeat. After the match, Smart talked about his own two-time manufacturing opponent's offensive foul practice.

    "The significance of those two manufacturing opponents' offensive fouls is huge, and I'm only in the right place at the right time," Smart said first.

    "For the first time, we were trying to stop Haddon catching the ball, in fact we were all trying to make him feel uncomfortable all night long," continued Smart. "He wants to get away from me and nudge me down , Which happens to be in front of the referee, so the referee whistled for an offensive foul, after which Al Horford scored and they had to get the ball back in and out of the world ready for serve, when Harden and my chest were almost all together I just stood in my spot, ready to defend, when my hands were held high and he did the same thing, he pushed me again, the referee was still there, and he fouled the foul again.

    The game, Harden debut played 39 minutes, 27 voted 7 to get 34 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists. But in the second half under the defense of Smart, Harden 7-hit 0, and there have been four turnovers.

    "I think they have a lot of frustration," said Smart, "Harden is a great player, remember someone who told me he had only 3-of-17 shots in the second half." He's doing everything he can to win And for the second half we were also doing well, so it was a bit frustrating for him, just as I said, he lost control. "