Zhou Qi tied a single record of his career

  • However, a long time no formal game to NBA Live Coins play, apparently to Zhou Qi's state is very bad. After the second section debut, he also tried to express himself, would like to have proof. However, both in the offensive end, or defensive, the devil every action, it seems a bit nervous.

    First on the defensive end, Zhou Qi, a make-up cover slow half beat was blown interference ball. Next, he made up to the outside, but not timely enough, the Wizards hit third. In the offensive, Zhou Qi also can not let go, a good third place shot missed regret.

    Of course, more sad reminders things are still behind this section to 9 minutes and 39 seconds, the Wizards Satoru Lansky strong protruding to the basket, Zhou Qi once again stand up defensive position, but this time, he was slow Half a beat. Satoru Lansky did not mercilessly, he then burst into violence, round arm on a Tomahawk split buckle, although Qiqi full take-off, but it has become the opponent bayonet background plate.

    The buckle, apparently so that the mood of Zhou Qi greatly affected. Next in the offensive, he received Paul pass, resulting in foul, get free throws, but even the free throws, he is also partial outrageous, both shots are too short, hit the rebound front. Since then, Zhou Qi again in the outside to find opportunities, but his third shot was cast "bread ball", did not touch the basket.

    After the game, Zhou Qi sit back bench. And on the sidelines, he also saw the rocket back to back defeat. The last section, when the devil once again debut, it is garbage time.

    The audience played 12 minutes, Zhou Qi tied a single record of his career, however, he missed all three of his three-thirds, only grabbed a rebound, sent a 3 make a mistake in the performance, but it is not satisfactory.