Lingard is the fastest player in Premier League this season

  • Steve McLaren said Manchester United FIFA Coins player Jessie Lingard is the fastest player this season, and he believes Lingaard should be selected for the England national team to participate in next year's World Cup.

    On the first day of the New Year, Manchester United beat Everton 2-0 at Goodison Park, and Lingard also continued his high yield, scoring his seventh goal in the Premier League this season.

    Although Lin Gander fierce competition in the entry into Mourinho's starting lineup, but with a continuous highlight performance has become a big choice in the attack on Manchester United, McClaren in 2015 in the forest Gadd had coached him on loan to Derbyshire and he was very happy about Lingard.

    When asked whether Lingarde should be enrolled in the three-lion World Cup squad for Southgate's Tomorrow, McLaren said: "This is absolute, Lingarde is making progress. When I was in Derbyshire, the team He had been lent him, when he was just injured, came to the team after he recovered from injury and into the game.

    "You can see the potential of him, and now that he has fulfilled his potential and made a difference, he is unique and moves forward both in and out of the ball. He has become a threatening player, It's likely he's dribbling faster than his shot and he can score and assist his team mate.He is full of enthusiasm for the game, not only when taking the ball, but also when defending He is, in my opinion, the most advanced player I've ever seen this season. "