Green talk about Lui Nei He played his own style

  • Yesterday, Golden State Warriors 124-114 win over LOLGA the Houston Rockets, Warriors Kevin - Louise bench played 15 minutes, with an efficient performance of 7 points and 8 rebounds. After the game, Warriors coach Steve - Cole and player Deb Raymond - Green praised Louie's performance respectively.

    "He did not play well on other nights and I do not know how long he played last month," Cole said yesterday after the team beat the Rockets. "But he works hard every day and is familiar with the game plan. One of the smartest players on the team, he stood out and played very well in such a big scene today. "

    "At a crucial moment in the game, the team has done a very good job of tactics and made a brilliant defense," Cole added, "I went into the locker room and commended everyone. I instinctively talked to each player individually and told They're 'a great game,' but I ended up honoring Louise alone, and I think his performance shows us what professional players should look like. "

    Yesterday's game, Louie played well on the defensive end, but also cleverly created a Chris Offensive offensive foul in the fourth quarter stalemate.

    "I'm surprised," Louie said of the offensive foul. "I seldom get the care of the whistle, so when I want to make my foul, I try my best to reduce my hand movements, So the referee will not blow my foul, but the referee blows off his offensive foul. "

    "Sometimes you have a feeling of being alone and that's tough, but you have confidence as people behind you keep telling you we have players like Green and Andre Iguodala." Louise said.

    "His past performance has proven that he can defend anyone," Green said. "With his outstanding athletic ability and excellent athleticism, he defensively defended the defender and above all, he was really smart. "

    In the past month, Louie seldom get a chance to play, averaging only 7 minutes playing time. Yesterday's game was his second appearance for more than 13 minutes in the past six weeks. Earlier, the Warriors said they would not implement the contract options for the fourth year of Ronnie. Looney is using his own performance to prove himself.

    "He's a professional player," Green said. "He's got some playing time through his efforts, whether he's staying with the Warriors or going somewhere else, and he's got the chance to play at his power. I was very proud of him having come out in this race and played his own style in the past few games or failed to perform well. "