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  • NBA regular season fighting 4 games, including NBA Live Coins the Dallas Mavericks beat the Orlando Magic 114-99, ending a three-game losing streak. Dirk Nowitzki 20 points, rookie Smith 20 points and 7 rebounds, while the Magic Little Peyton only 8 points accounted for.

    The Mavericks started 17-9 lead, Dirk Nowitzki foul after 3 free throws, the Mavericks first quarter to 25-19 lead. Section II, Orlando offensive wave of 10-0 shots offensive overtone, including Spitz contributed 5 points. Halftime, the Magic led by 48-43 5 points.

    The third quarter, Dirk Nowitzki scored 8 points NBA Live Mobile Account in the first 5 minutes, and teenager Ferrer is a single section of the H-12 points to help the Mavericks regain the lead. The three ends, the Mavericks to 82-75 overtake. The fourth quarter, Dirk Nowitzki hit a 3-point, the Mavericks hit a wave of 8-1 spurt will be points difference widened to 10 points or more. Eventually, the Mavericks beat the Orlando Magic 114-99 at home, ending a three-game losing streak.