Zhou Qi Viper team injury left elbow injury leave

  • Chinese rival Zhou Qi was injured on the right NBA Live Coins elbow in the fourth quarter when the NBA development rival Rio Grande Valley viper was against Wisconsin Knicks and was still forced to leave after receiving treatment on the courtside.

    The fourth quarter, the beginning of the game, Zhou Qi in a complement to defend the opponent's basket attack in the course of take-off and landing with the Knicks inside Hicks strong physical confrontation, landing on the ground when the right elbow inadvertently lead to Right elbow injury. After the injury fell to the ground, Zhou Qi performance is very painful, then the team doctor Zhou Qi treatment.

    The presence of team medical treatment, Zhou Qi pain did not ease, had to leave the bench for further treatment and examination. From the picture, Zhou Qi injured elbow can not bend, the current injury needs further confirmation.

    Before the injury, Zhou Qi made the NBA Live Mobile Account first episode contributed 9 points 10 rebounds 1 assists and 4 blocks.