Beckham Ibrahimovic hope to stay in Manchester United

  • Manchester United striker Ibrahimovic recently been linked to FIFA Coins the transfer of the United States Major League Soccer, and his former PSG teammate, battles in the United States for many years Manchester United star David Beckham recently talked about this rumor.

    "Ibrahimovic is one of the greatest players and one of the best, and if he came to the Grand Squad sometime, it would be great, but now he's a Manchester United player and it makes me happy, and I also I hope he stays there, but at some point he may come to the United States. "

    "The news of great players like Ibrahimovic is only going to benefit the MLS, and I did not have any visibility when I moved to the MLS, which was an important step for me at the time, and now the world In discussing this alliance, you are not talking about just those players already played in this league - you look at Kaka, he is so great to play this league. "

    "And now you are talking about Ibrahimovic, yes, there is such a great discussion, he would come if fans and players will be a warm welcome, no matter what kind of injuries he suffered during his career, but he is a beast, he Is a beast! "