Guardiola We are interested in many players

  • Guardiola was also asked about the FIFA Coins club's offer of Mahrez at a pre-race press conference against West Bromwich Albion. According to several British media earlier news, Manchester City has sent a third offer for Ma Jerez, the price reached 55 million pounds.

    Guardiola said: "I am interested in many players, many excellent players, there are really many. The transfer market will be closed on January 31, I and the club have talked many times to our current players and players What is the best situation?

    "At this moment, with Stirling, we have only three forwards, and for the next month or even a month and a half, we have no more candidates available." Sane and Jerus would take five or six weeks to come back and we did not have too much Multi-choice, the team has a game every three days, we have a lot of competition, we must find a solution. "

    Guardiola shunned the question when asked about the Jerez de la Frontera. He said: "Just as I told Sanchez and La Porte on the move, here (conference) is not the place to talk about it. La Porte's transfer can happen because of a buyout clause that must be paid, and other types of transfer negotiations have always been complicated in the past. "