McCollum Curry is the best pitcher

  • Trail Blazers beat the Bulls 124-108 in yesterday's game, Trail Blazers guard CJ-McCollum debut 29 minutes, 25 of 18 voted 50 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

    In today's show, McCollum talks about Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins the rankings of his strongest pitcher, saying: "Stephen (Curry), Clay (Thompson), give me another name for the other pitchers, (the host said KD). I think I was one level with KD in shooting and if you analyze what to hit in the third, it's clear that he dunks and cuts more. "

    "But I would say that Stephen was the best pitcher. There is no doubt that Clay is not bad, and then I can not find other pitchers (better than me), and I mean my third 42% from the field, with a low field goal percentage on the field and a 88% or 89% free throw percentage. So to speak, Stephen is a notch and everyone else is a notch, "said McCollum.