Lazio Director Devereux agreed on renewal

  • Lazio director Taleh said in an interview FIFA Coins that the team has agreed with Devereux on the renewal of the contract, but there are still some problems in the brokerage firm that have not been solved.

    Lazio has been in talks with Devereux renewal, the latter contract with the team expires this summer, but so far, the two sides have not announced a new contract for renewal.

    Lazio director Tarras said in an interview recently: "I do not want to talk about this tonight, and soon we will post a notice. In fact, we have agreed with the players to renew the contract, but now the problem lies in the players There are some procedural aspects of the brokerage firm that need to be identified. "

    "This renewal of negotiation is protracted but we will have a result soon."