Donovan talked about defeat created an opportunity

  • Today, the Thunder lost to NBA Live Coins Lakers 81-106 without Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. After the game, Thunder coach Billy - Donovan interviewed the media talked about this defeat.

    "I think we started well," Donovan said. "But then we got in the way of mistakes and they quickly eclipsed the points, and I think we did a good job of defending, except for problems with points, including three Points, free throws, and many places on the pitch are not good enough, but I would like to praise my players who have managed to play well on the defensive end, despite playing poorly on points, and we did not play in the second half Pushed into enough goals, failed to maintain competitiveness.

    "We used a lot of different players in the game and they both played different roles in different situations and we did not know for sure whether Russell and Carmelo would play at the time of the shooting game so we For training, but you know, some guys are going through this situation for the first time and it's hard for them, but I think we've created some good chances and just failed to get in. Obviously, even though Russell did not play , I think we still have the ability to create opportunities on the offensive end, we have indeed done, but failed to drop enough balls, leading to our tonight's lack of competitiveness on the defensive end. "

    The game, Thunder shooting, three-point shooting and free throw percentage were only 35.6%, 23.5% and 47.4%.