Valverde challenged the referee after the match

  • Barca in the early morning of the Liga Division FIFA Coins suffered a controversial penalty Barcelona Barwade after the game after the openly questioned the referee fined: "An unforgettable penalty let us eat a big loss, we do not know exactly who made this point I know the ball, we all know very well.I do not want to judge the referee too much, I have said with the referee, there is a handball outside the area, we have seen but the referee can not see.I also in the game to the fourth Officials complained of the penalty because I think the foul is really obvious. "

    For the game itself, Valverde commented: "We really want to be away from home for three points and we know it will not be easy. We played an advantage in the first half and the opponent blocked us only by fouls , 1-0 lead is not actually enough. The second half of the penalty that hit us a lot, then we have the opportunity but failed to re-harvest goal, we lack the accuracy of the last part of the attack.If we can However, the opponent's goal is a blow to us, which makes us play more and more difficult, and the morale of the opponent rose, in which case we are very difficult to win. "

    Looking forward to the weekend game against Atletico, Barca coach said: "Now we are still in the top of the table, we are looking forward to this game, we will talk to the chaser and direct."