Zhan Huang decided to bring 3 talent to Pittsburgh

  • The topic of how LeBron James can play football has NFL Coins always been hot for fans. We all know that James was a basketball, rugby and amphibious player before entering the NBA. He had also struggled to enter the NBA or the NFL. Over the years, there have been many media, experts, and NFL players talking about whether James will divert to the NFL for a day. James himself never responded positively to such questions, but he is very keen to watch all kinds of football. The game as well as express their views on the NFL players and competitions. The funny thing is that due to the poor performance of the Cleveland Cavaliers, James may miss the NBA Finals this season. Therefore, LeBron James once again contacted the NFL. This time, James is about to decide "3." May I bring my talent to the NFL?

    All of this was caused by the fact that today's Pittsburgh Steelman receiver Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster has repeatedly raised his own Twitter news about recruiting James. The Pittsburgh Steelers' star was suddenly released. A LeBron - James theme, Pittsburgh Steelers yellow-black color as the background poster, and said, "I will officially open my move, I will recruit LeBron - James joined the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 season, Le Brown has done everything in the NBA and done all his glory. If he came to the NFL to join the Pittsburgh Steelers, he could become the best rugby player in the world and win the championship with the Steelers! "

    Then Zhu Zhu - Smith continued to sound, he released a poster LeBron wearing the Steelers 23 shirt, and continued that "I said enough already, LeBron, let us put this matter together Become true! "

    Then Zhu Zhu - Smith also released a poster above is the scene with James standing in the No. 23 Steelers jersey. It seems Zhu Zhu - Smith is the best basketball on the earth full of ideas, he knows now the Cleveland Cavaliers bad situation has LeBron - James sprouted, after all, James has twice made the championship for the decision, He first joined the Miami Heat for his brother Wade and wanted to win more honours for his brothers. Then when he found himself unable to lead his brothers to win more championships, he wanted his hometown and dreams. Back to Knight, righteous righteous to bear all the infamy with the pressure, only to own hometown to have a championship trophy and stay so far, this is how touching.