One year Canadians and Rangers played in the playoffs series

  • One year Canadians and Rangers played in the playoffs series. Ferguson went out for a walk along Manhattan's West 49th Avenue on the morning of NHL Coins a game day. He encountered a Montreal columnist on the road who was about to go to the church near the old Madison Square Garden. Pat Coron. After learning about Cologne's destination, Ferguson plucked several tickets out of his wallet and asked Coron to light candles for him.

    Even though this small move actually brought good luck to him and the Canadians, Ferguson completed the overtime game in the evening and helped the team win the series.However, many people, including coaches, players, and general managers admit that these pre-game superstitions do not always work. Marshal Emil Francis played for the Chicago Blackhawks and made many friends in Windy City, including a clergyman.

    Years later, Francis led the New York Rangers as a coach to Chicago to play the playoffs. The clergyman who had pre-empty battles came to Francis's hotel suite in Chicago and made a Sunday Mass (Catholic ceremony) for him. Unsatisfactory - The Rangers made the worst performance of the series in Game 7 and the Black Hawk advanced to the next round.