Fighting clan into the strongest pillar of NHL

  • In the men's ice hockey game of the 2018 Winter Olympics, because of the absence of the NHL, the Russian Olympic team, which was the main force of NHL Coins the KHL league players, did not let the "Ice on the Ice" re-stage. They thrilledly defeated the German team in the final and won this one. A valuable Olympic gold medal. Although it is somewhat regrettable that the gold medal can not belong to Russia this country, but it is enough to highlight the overall strength of the country's men's ice hockey.

    There are not a few Russian athletes working in the NHL, and a considerable part is the team's top card or captain. In terms of the technical statistics of the data of this season, Russians also occupy half of the country. In scoring, Tampa Bay Lightning's Nikita Kuklov and Pittsburgh Penguin's Yevgeny Galimin were ranked in the top two with 88 points and 85 points, respectively. Both were Russians. . Alex Ovechkin, the captain of the Washington Capitals nicknamed "God of War," is now ranked first in 40 goals. He is also a Russian. Malkin ranked third in this statistic. On the goalkeeper side, Andrei Vasilievski of the Lightning team topped the list with 40 wins and a 71.4% winning percentage.

    The performance of other Russian players was not much to give, and Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrowski were the targets of the Columbus Blue's offensive and defensive ends; Alexander Radulov was in the Dallas Stars. Jamie Ben and the best assistant around Tyler Segan; Vladimir Talachenko is the scoring king of the St. Louis Blues almost every season; Dimitri Orlov and Eugene Nizhny Kuznetsov is also the most powerful guarantee for the stable output of Ogami.