The worst violence occurred at FUT Coins

  • The worst violence occurred at the end of England's 1-1 draw against Russia in Saturday's Group B matchBefore the game UEFA officials were busy telling us that they FUT Coins could only sanction teams on the basis of how fans behave in the stadium, so that what happened at the Old Port was irrelevant.

    Well, in that case I’d be interested to see evidence they will be producing that warrants kicking England out of the tournament. Other than booing the national anthem – please stop; it’s the kind of pathetic thing a group of Year 10 boys might do – there is no suggestion England fans in the stadium did anything to justify being thrown out of a tournament.

    That said, given our record, given the excruciating embarrassment of the behaviour of some of our fans abroad, we probably have to take it on the chin.But there is something that sticks in the throat with all this pontificating and moralising from UEFA and it is appropriate this tournament is being held in France. Because there can’t be many organisations that behave more like the idle, awful and unaccountable ancien regime of the 18th century than UEFA; FIFA aside, that is.

    UEFA’s pompous statement on Sunday which rightly charged Russia and which included the expulsion threat made a passing reference to ‘segregation issues.’ Run that by me again? Issues? Try complete dereliction of duty; try negligence; and try apologising. In fact, why are Cheap FIFA Coins themselves and the Euro 2016 organising committee not being referred to UEFA’s own disciplinary committee for their abject failures? (Don’t answer that. We know why). UEFA have also threatened to kick Russia out of the tournament if they are involved in more troubleLet’s set some ground rules before we venture down this line. Fans bear individual responsibility.