Rocket League Hopes to Add Competitive Snow Day

  • Psyonix has a big new amend in abundance for Rocket Alliance gamers afterwards in the month Rocket League Trading. The abatement amend provides gamers with some cast new content, including some new accessories, a new map, and some all new agreeable accurately advised for eSports.

    IGN is advertisement that there's an all new map set to bead for Rocket Alliance on the September 28th update, which is none added than the seasonally-themed map alleged Farmstead. The amphitheatre is advised about the pumpkin-tinted burden of "Autumn", which agency there are affluence of red leaves, orange hues in the sky and affluence of farm-oriented complete lounging about Rocket League Items.The amphitheatre is acutely thematic. There's a bother sitting in a acreage with a few crows sitting on top of its arch and arms. The Farmstead aswell appears to be blowzy with attic pieces advertisement about forth with some burst flowers littering the ground. There are silos, stables for some agenda cows, a windmill and a neatly ample board fence.