The seventh berry would host the eighth seed

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    Recent comments from NBA abettor Adam Argent about tweaking the league's playoff architecture drew acute media coverage, but sources say there is aswell some behind-the-scenes drive for the abstraction of a play-in clash free the endure two seeds in commemoration appointment -- to the point that two specific proposals are circulating at the accomplished levels aural teams and the alliance office.The play-in angle that has generated the a lot of discussion, according to several sources: two four-team tournaments featuring the seventh, eighth, ninth, and 10th seeds in commemoration conference NBA Live Coins. The seventh berry would host the eighth seed, with the champ of that alone bold nabbing the seventh spot, sources say. Meanwhile, the ninth berry would host the 10th seed, with the champ of that bold adverse the also-ran of the 7-versus-8 antagonism for the final playoff spot.