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    We have witnessed poe currency the tables flipped Why can't it happen againMy internal monologue answers that question because the Warriors have won seven straight against the Cavs because Golden State is dominating without Steph Curry or Klay Thompson going off yet because JR Smith is not himself because Ty Lue is panicking because


    the Warriors' role players can't miss because Draymond Green is locked in because Andre Iguodala is legitimately the LeBron Stopper because the Thunder were uniquely suited to challenge the Warriors and no other team stands a chance because these Warriors are the best team ever assembled et ceteraShut up internal monologue Let's


    have ourselves a series despite all that For the love of the Basketball Gods let's have ourselves a seriesLeBron's NBA Finals LegacyIf the Cleveland Cavaliers had been waiting all season for a Finals rematch against the Golden State Warriors then surely Game didn't quite go as planned It was the Warriors who won the opening game of


    the Finals on Thursday beating the Cavaliers poe trade The Warriors led most of the game although Cleveland bounced ahead in a couple spots during the third quarter and never truly felt in danger of losing the game By the middle of the fourth quarter a benchled unit helped the Warriors go up by points and while the Cavaliers cut back into that



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