Good team in the poe currency West


    Good team in the poe currency West that doesn't have the defense to hang with the top contenders There's no Marion on this roster Marion specifically allowed those old Suns to hang with the Spurs and MavericksThat's just one team There are rosters out there who excel on defense and can't score enough to win many nights Take the Pacers who


    just might be looking for a new coach Indiana was No in team defense in and No on offense The defensive talent is exceptional with Paul George George Hill and a deep frontcourt including Ian Mahinmi a free agent and Myles Turner an incredible mound of clay But the offense has been less than creative and wholly inefficientThis is a


    situation tailormade for a coach like D'Antoni The defense is there but preservation ought to be less demanding and more foolproof than creation On the other end D'Antoni could focus his efforts to leverage PG's considerable abilities to torch up the Eastern Conference As it were Frank Vogel looks like a strong fit for Houston doesn't


    heSo to answer the question of whether cheap poe currency Mike D'Antoni can be successful in the NBA again the answer is as it is with so many questions that it depends We have a strong sense of what D'Antoni can and cannot do as an NBA head coach As such we can determine what he needs to be successful Whether he wins again will depend on



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