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    The team too He Soul Worker Dzenai takes just six shots a night but still accepts his role on the team Not many former AllStars would handle that role the same way Sometimes it even appears that Iguodala prefers his teammates get the gloryIt's not often thereigning Finals MVP gets overlooked especially when his team opens the following season on one


    of the hottest streaks the league has ever seen But being overlooked is precisely the reason Iguodala was able to hoist that award in the first place The Cavaliers made a bet last June that he couldn't beat them and they bet wrong Opponents this year are issuing the same dare and the results haven't changedAndre Iguodala is helping the


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    Klay Thompson injured his right ankle Soul Worker Mobile Dzenai with less than a minute to play in the Golden State Warriors' win over the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night The Warriors led by as many asand Thompson sat out the majority of the fourth quarter But the Pacers chipped away at the lead and the starters returned to the court to close out the game



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