Grizzlies appear Soul Worker Dzenai to be back


    Grizzlies appear Soul Worker Dzenai to be back on their right trackThe Minnesota Timberwolves are capable of being really good but they still like to remind everyone how young they are The Timberwolves hungpoints on the Atlanta Hawks in the first half taking a point lead into the locker room Everything was clickingAndrew Wiggins hadpoints Zach


    LaVine was playing like an AllStar point guard and KarlAnthony Towns was a force down low But then the Timberwolves came out for the third quarter It wasn't quite as bad as the Blazers' meltdown against the Pistons on Monday but the Hawks outscored Minnesotain the third The trend continued in the fourth The Timberwolves


    couldn't get the offense going against the Hawkswho were scoring at will on their own The Hawks took alead withto play and it looked like the eback was plete Then Wiggins took over He hit a layup and got fouled sunk a midrange jumper and then made a ridiculous midrange bucket with a foul that sunk the Hawks' hopeshtFree


    StreetHistoryThe Timberwolves held the Hawks Soul Worker Mobile Dzenai scoreless down the stretch winningWiggins ended the night withpoints on of shooting and KarlAnthony Towns addedpoints andrebounds The Timberwolves showed the good and the badthe future is bright in MinnesotaThe San Antonio Spurs are going to keep being the Spurs The



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