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    Russell Westbrook poe currency began Sunday's game against the Nuggets ing off ofand point performances to open the season He has a measlypoints todayjeez what a scrubbut two of them were this monstrous putback jam and a onehanded rim hang for emphasis over these two poor Denver playerssvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill


    First off a quick introduction If you don't know whatFanDuel is well you're missing out FanDuel is a site that offers daily fantasy sports games Participants get a chance every day to select new players fill out a lineup and most importantly win some cash If you choose poorly Monday you can e back Tuesday and try again Easy as


    thatCClick here to enter a free league for news users todayAs for what we're doing in this space The goal here will be to direct your attention toward some players who you might not otherwise consider If you're here and reading this then you already know thatLeBron James is really good But when filling out a roster you can't just pick


    out stars You'll blow your cap and get stuck cheap poe currency praying to the basketball gods that a guy likeKosta Koufos gets into the game No if you want to win you have to take advantage of certain matchupsand in order to do that you have to know where to look That's what we're here for Also this space is going to be used to give you advice for



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