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  • Andpercent from poe currency three across the two series That included a playoff careerhighpoints and eight threepointers in Gameof the Eastern Conference Finals against AtlantaHowever Smith bombed out in the Finals shootingpercent overall andpercent from three He also was suspended for smacking Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder in the


    face in the first round of the playoffs and isn't long removed from a tumultuous ending with the New York KnicksKnicks president Phil Jackson detailed some of Smith's issues in New York and that negative reputation still follows him around despite some of the good things that he did in ClevelandSmith still has value to the Cavaliers


    as a spotup shooter and a capable defender but he has no leverage in his current situation and the team knows it Cleveland wants to bring him back as cheap a price as possible in order to save luxury tax dollars and since no other team is ready to e with an offer to his liking he'll have to take it The Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia


    ers are the only teams left with poe currency buy sizable cap room and those teams have little reason to make an offerIt's not the ideal scenario for Smith and he's learned a tough lesson this summer However he's in the right situation playing with LeBron James on a title contender to help rebuild his value and reputation in advance of thesalary cap


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