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  • Argentina did go on to win the World Cup, triumphing over West Germany much to poe currency my disgust). For someone who had made England home for donkey’s years, he sure wasn’t showing much loyalty. But that was dad all over though.It’s typical of him to play the devil’s advocate. Somehow it seems to give him great pleasure to exercise his lawyer oratory skills against his daughter. And our contrasting preference in football teams happens to be one of his favourite ammos, whether it’s club football (I’m a Spurs fan, he, Arsenal), or international teams.He’d extol the virtues of the silky Brazilians or the fire of the Argentinians.


    Though truth be told, I’d always suspected him of being a closet England fan. This Euro, considering neither Brazil or Argentina are in the competition, I’m sure, somewhere in his Anglo-fied heart, he’s praying that England doesn’t serve up its usual special — early exit.All together now dad:“We’re England ‘til we die, until we die, we’re England ‘til we die, until we die, until we die.”(England’s unofficial theme song for Euro 2016 by singer Shaun Ryder)Kerry-Ann Augustin“PLEASE wake me up for the game dad,” is probably one of the most used phrases in the Augustin household. In case you’re wondering, no, my father Rupert doesn’t look like a clock.


    But his dedication to the beautiful game of football is unrivalled so my brothers and I trust him more than our alarm clocks. If he’s ever on time for anything, it’s usually football.We’re a football crazy family, often sacrificing sleep to watch 22 men on the field chase one ball. And the leader of the pack? Rupert. For as far back as I remember, there has always been one memory that has remained constant through the years — the stillness and silence of the night broken by muffled sounds of sports commentary and crowds cheering.I’d wake up in a daze, step outside my room only to catch dad on his bean bag watching football in total darkness.


    It didn’t matter what day or ungodly hour it was, he’d be poe currency buy ready with the holy trinity of his game night — cigarettes, coffee and keropok. When Rupert is watching football, it’s like he’s in a bubble. A sound proof one it seems. He’d either reply with a nod, short grunts or tell us to go to sleep, reminding us of the horror that we had to face every morning: School.When we were old enough, dad would take us to watch the Malaysian League.