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  • Eight years later, in 1980, our football team once again qualified for the Moscow Olympic Games. Unfortunately, our footballers couldn’t participate as Malaysia joined FUT Coins many nations in condemning the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and subsequently boycotted the Games altogether.Elephant races used to be held in Kedah during the turn of the 20th century.SEPAK TAKRAW DOMINANCERecords in Sejarah Melayu prove that sepak raga is one of the earliest sports played in this country.


    This historical Malay text mentions an incident involving the game which took place in 15th century Malacca. Tun Perak's son, Tun Besar was playing sepak raga with his friends within the palace grounds. Tun Perak was Malacca’s most famous Bendahara, a Malay nobility rank similar to that of a Prime Minister today.His Royal Highness Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah with te Royal Kedah Club tennis players in 1960.


    It was said that Tun Besar kicked the fist-sized rattan ball and accidentally hit Sultan Mansur Shah's son, knocking his headgear to the ground. In a fit of anger, Raja Muhammad stabbed and killed Tun Besar with his keris. This heartless act infuriated Tun Perak's kinsmen who wanted to retaliate against Raja Muhammad. They were, however, restrained by Tun Perak himself because their intended act of attacking a member of the royal family would be tantamount to treason. 


    However, Tun Perak insisted that both he and his followers would no longer accept Raja Muhammad as the heir to the Malacca throne. Deeply saddened by the unfortunate string of incidents, Sultan Mansur Shah had no alternative but to send his eldest son to Pahang and install him as Buy FIFA Coins ruler there.The modern version of sepak raga, now known as sepak takraw, evolved in Siam nearly 200 years ago. Formal rules and updated versions of the game started appearing during the 1940s.